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Probiotics and Your Skin: Can Probiotics Improve Your Skin?

can probiotics improve your skin

Probiotics are found in dietary supplement form as well as in fermented foods, such as yogurt and kefir. Consuming probiotics is a good way to add probiotic health benefits to your gut. As researchers continue to learn about all the potential health benefits of restoring gut balance, what is being said about probiotics and your skin? And a big question from our readers is, how can probiotics improve your skin? 

First, let’s clarify: What exactly are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live “good” bacteria and yeast that naturally exist in your body. They work to keep your body healthy. They aim to fight off the” bad” bacteria and viruses that make you sick. 

Your gut can become imbalanced very easily – by illness, medications such as antibiotics, and poor food choices. You need probiotics to calibrate your body again and encourage the balance of the good and bad bacteria. A well-balanced gut results in a healthy body and mind. You can read more about the benefits of probiotics and gut health in our blog Probiotics: The Key to Better Health.

As researchers continue to learn about all the potential health benefits of restoring gut balance, let’s look into what is being said about probiotics and your skin.

Can Probiotics Improve Skin?

During breakouts and as we age, the pH balance of our skin rises. UV damage also weakens the natural ability of the skin to control pH levels. This results in an increase in “bad” bacteria, leading to dryness and an increase in free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for robbing our skin of collagen, resulting in wrinkles and lines, dark spots and loose, saggy skin. Free radicals add years to our face. 

The natural reaction is to scrub our skin and use powerful skincare products which may only compound the problem. This is because cleansers and soaps, especially the anti-bacterial types, can strip skin of healthy bacteria.

Research-based evidence is showing that probiotics can help! From acne to anti-aging, probiotics are battling the forces against our skin! Skincare products with probiotics can add bacteria back into the skin, helping to restore pH balance. This will help with dryness, acne flare-ups and even eczema. A balanced pH makes skin more resilient to the abuse of the elements as you age and supports a smoother look and feel. 

probiotics and your skin

Our Advice?

When it comes to probiotics, think, “Healthy gut, healthy skin.” To improve your gut health and have beautiful skin, you may want to consider adding a probiotic supplement or eating a probiotic-rich diet and using skincare products infused with probiotics.

Maritime Naturals Probiotic + Collagen Eye Cream

Maritime Naturals Probiotic + Collagen Eye Cream quenches the skin around the eyes, keeping it smooth, supple and hydrated. This expert formula is made with the highest quality ingredients. Added probiotics help support and balance skin pH so that skin is less prone to dryness, redness, or abuse of the elements. Collagen is added to tighten and firm and add a youthful appearance. Gentle botanicals nourish skin and help increase circulation and elasticity, promoting younger-looking, bright, beautiful eyes. As always, the formula contains no harmful parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrance and is beneficial for all skin types. 

The skin around your eyes is among the most delicate and sensitive skin on your entire body. When you add skin care products to this area you also have to consider that the products can seep into your skin and through your eyelids. Therefore, you only want to put the highest quality ingredients around your eyes. Using a carefully created formula, specially formulated for the area around the eyes, can help condition and moisturize this area safely and effectively. Adding an eye cream with probiotics and collagen into your daily skincare routine can help restore pH, reduce free radicals, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Probiotics and your skin

Finally, and most importantly, use good quality sunscreen. This is your BEST defence in maintaining beautiful skin.

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