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"We were founded with the vision of helping people be the best version of themselves."

- David Kohler -

our story

Mimi’s Rock has three best-selling global brands on Amazon including Dr. Tobias, All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals. They dominate the health supplements and skin care categories around the world in the eCommerce marketplace.

Founders, David Kohler and Telfer Hanson, seasoned business professionals and life-long neighbours in beautiful Thunder Beach, Ontario, formed Mimi’s Rock in 2017 to help people live their best lives through improved wellness solutions. The infamous rock, a natural protrusion from the Great Lakes of Georgian Bay is the inspiration behind Mimi’s Rock. The two friends collaborated on their mission to make the world a healthier place and desire to offer healthy alternatives on the journey to become the best version of oneself.

our brands


In 2018, Mimi’s Rock acquired the Dr. Tobias brand that features over 30 products, including the top selling Colon 14- day cleanse and the #1 selling Omega 3 Fish Oil on Amazon.com. Over the past four years, Dr. Tobias health supplements have become well known around the world and sells a large variety of vitamins and supplements online in countries including the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

All Natural Advice

In 2019, Mimi’s Rock identified All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals known as Canada’s Sweetheart brands on Amazon. It is a great Canadian story about two cousins Stephen Aikman and Rodney Hall whose vision to provide Canadians with all natural skin care and supplements line made them the perfect fit for Mimi’s Rock.

All Natural Advice, a #1 skincare brand on Amazon, is created and manufactured in the heart of Oakville, Ontario, the home of Mimi’s Rock’s head office. The popular Vitamin C Serum is a best-seller recognized for its natural certified organic ingredients and advanced formulation that provides anti-aging properties, tightening and moisturizing benefits, made for all women and men of all age groups.

Maritime Naturals

Maritime Naturals, origins in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, since 2015 crafts organic, cruelty free, antioxidant-rich products that improves skin tone. With the top selling retinol moisturizer on Amazon, it is the go to brands for beauty and skin care needs.

our products

Mimi’s Rock is proud of our top brands Dr. Tobias, All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals, in the health supplements and beauty and skin care space  across the United States, Canada, Germany, U.K., Australia and many European countries. We are continually expanding our market reach to support the health and wellness of people everywhere.

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Mimi’s Rock takes environmental responsibility seriously. We continually look for ways to improve packaging by finding sustainable solutions. We have made big strides in removing all our cartons in the entire Dr. Tobias line up of products in the US. – over 1.2M cardboard boxes a year have been eliminated.


Mimi’s Rock company of brands is expanding all over the world. You can find Dr. Tobias in the U.S, Canada, Germany, U.K. and China very soon. All Natural Advice and Maritime Naturals, all Canadian made also is sold in the U.S., U.K., Australia and opening up to new markets.


We believe in helping people be their best version of themselves.  We work hard every day to exceed customers’ expectations while aiding them in improving their overall wellness.


Are you interested in the health and wellness of Canadians? If your answer is yes, there may be a spot for you on our team. Check-out the job openings and send us your resume if you fit the description.