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6 Immune Boosting Herbs & Supplements

The immune system doesn’t get as much attention as heart health, for example. Still, it’s foundational to all aspects of health by curbing chronic inflammation—plus, it helps fight infection and keeps us from getting sick. Luck for us, the availability of foods and supplements to boost immune system health is vast! That said, how can you give your own immune system a lift? How to boost your immune system daily? Here are some of our top recommendations and best foods and immune boosting supplements that can be taken to help. 

what herbs can help your immune health



Turmeric Curcumin

This golden root from Asia is one of the world’s most popular immune boosters. Studies show turmeric benefits and properties for immunity are hard to beat.

What is Turmeric good for? Turmeric may help the body fight viruses like colds and flu, while keeping strep, staph, and even Candida at bay. It may even support the body while dealing with HIV or HPV. It also helps inflammation, such as in arthritis. 

The health benefits of turmeric are immense. It can be eaten as a root or in powder form. When looking for a turmeric supplement you want to ensure it is made with maximum strength and high percentage of curcuminoids. In addition, black pepper helps your body absorb turmeric and therefore the best immune boosting turmeric supplements also contain a little black pepper. 

Read more about Dr. Tobais Turmeric Curcumin complete with BioPerine® for enhanced bioavailability, so your body can absorb the contents of each capsule more readily. 

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Garlic is often included in foods and supplements to boost immune system. t’s come a long way as a folk remedy for coughs, colds, and flu. Studies today support its use for protecting the body from inflammation, strengthening the immune system, and even combating bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other pathogens that could harm us.

foods and supplements to boost immune system, garlic good for immune system

Reishi Mushroom

You might not find reishi mushroom in your kitchen pantry, like turmeric or garlic. But that doesn’t make it any less a powerful immune healer.

For thousands of years (and still today), reishi has been used to empower the immune system in various ways. Reishi mushroom benefits properties are so strong, it’s even considered useful for supporting the body and reducing the risk of cancer, according to research.

Looking for an immune boosting supplement with reishi mushroom, try Dr. Tobais Candida Support.

immune boosting supplements with reishi mushroom


You’ve probably heard of oregano, a popular spice for many Italian dishes. But have you ever tried oregano oil? Those who know, know. Oregano oil is a powerful and very strong tasting natural anti-fungal. 

What is oregano oil good for? It’s mainly touted as an effective natural antibiotic and antifungal agent. It is also a strong antioxidant. For this reason oregano oil really helps balance immune inflammation, and helps support immune-related inflammatory illnesses (like autoimmune conditions).

Oregano oil can be taken sublingually, however, if you are looking for a less tongue tingling way to consume this powerful herb, you might try taking an oregano oil supplement. Oregano leaf extract (oregano oil) is a main ingredient in Dr. Tobais Candida Support.

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Boosting immunity isn’t all about herbs and botanicals. If you want to support your immune system, it’s a good idea to support the gut, too. Gut microbes can be the “gatekeepers” to the immune system in some ways. One of the best ways to do this: care for your gut through probiotics, according to studies. Prebiotics can be a great primer for both the gut and immunity, too— and we have unique formulas for each. 

Dr. Tobias Probiotics 30 Billion

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Want to learn more about probiotics and gut health? Check out: Gut Health 101 Probiotics & Prebiotics

best supplements to boost your immune system


Immune health is nothing without the basic vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy.

In fact, many essential nutrients are antioxidants that play a role in naturally keeping our immune systems healthy. These include vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and others. 

Find them together in our Dr. Tobias Adult Multivitamin (from 42 whole fruits, vegetables, and plant-based enzymes!)

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